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Why Write About Intuitive Witchcraft?

I’ve been following my intuition for over two decades. It feels right for what I do, and it works for me.

I might never have written a book about Intuitive Witchcraft until I encountered someone who said Eclectic Witchcraft is fake. In a similar light, someone else told me that Eclectic Witches need a tradition, or we’re going to hurt ourselves and others.

And so, I decided to write a book to show that there’s actually a method to what they see as “madness.”

My conclusion: By using intuition, energy awareness, and magical theories, Eclectic Witches can create a practice that is both fulfilling and independent of traditions. Most variations of Eclectic Witchcraft is far from fake—it actually has a very strong integrity because it’s an honest assessment of what someone needs in that present moment.

After I finished writing the book, I realized that Intuitive Witchcraft might be a new way of looking at Eclectic Witchcraft, from the inside out. With this rebranding identity, it’s clear what Intuitive Witches do and how they operate. It shows their cohesion and inner strength as opposed to the “this and that” implication that comes with the word eclectic.

Alternately, Intuitive Witchcraft could also be see as one of the variations of Eclectic Witchcraft, like Kitchen Witches, Green Witches, and Hedge Witches. At its core, it’s all about whatever feels right for you.

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Celebrate Your Individuality

Anyone can practice Intuitive Witchcraft. People have been practicing it for millennia by doing what they feel is sacred. You can do it too, whether you’re a solitary or in a group. Beginners and higher level magical workers can use it. It can be your sole practice or as an adjacent study alongside a tradition.

The ultimate purpose of Intuitive Witchcraft is to encourage you to find your inner voice, to nurture it, and to follow it wherever it may lead. When we’re connected to our wild souls, we experience life on a much deeper level. And once we experience the thrill of finding our own path in the enchanted forest, we can’t go back to the way things were, with limited awareness and mundane conversations. We need our intuition to survive as much as we need fresh air, clean water, and good food. Find out more about Intuitive Witchcraft here


Workshop Reviews

“I found both workshops to be really well developed and delivered in a very professional and articulate manner with lots of information.”

“We all came away knowing it was a magical experience.”

“5 stars! I loved both! Really hit home for me.”

“One of the better workshops at this years’ festival. I really liked the meditation techniques!”

“Definitely 5 stars! I loved everything about both of them!”

“I enjoyed delving into the subconscious, your gentle words reassuring. Construction of the spirit bag solidified new insights.”

“I also really loved it when we got to make our very own spirit bags, with so many varieties of items to place in them!”

Intuitive witchcraft is a spiritual lifestyle that celebrates who we are and what we feel.

It honors our unique souls and experiences and creates a foundation for self-directed growth.

We work with our own energy, the energy of the material world, and that of the immaterial worlds.

With that wisdom, we draw from deep within and cast our will and purpose out into the world.
— Astrea Taylor, Intuitive Witchcraft